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On Saturday, 16th December the Children & Parents Christmas Party was held at Kingston University, John Galsworthy Bldg., Room JG2002. The short program started with the children singing the Philippine national anthem in acapella conducted by the Heritage teacher, Ms. Angeline D. Enriquez.

Mr. Junart Kim Nieva, one of the Language teachers welcome the parents and guests.  It was the turn of the children to show what they have learned in the class through a choral reading of “Pasko Na Naman”.  While the children were  preparing for their mini nativity play, James Koch, one of the pupils in Level 2 entertained the parents by performing “Silent Night” on a guitar.

During the mini Nativity play which was performed by Brian Perrera (Joseph), Nadine Manalo (Mary) Lucia-Belen Murray (Angel), JayRyan Balitaan (Balthazar), Zachary Abad (Gaspar) and Johan Guiret (Melchior), the rest of the children sung “Talang Patnubay” with James Koch on the guitar and Sophia Quesada on Cello.  For their final performance the ensemble sung  “Mano Po Ninong, Mano Po Ninang”, this is was followed by a solo performance by Chrys Rudio.

The LFC school head closed the program by thanking the children for their excellent performances and the parents and guests for coming and supporting the event.

After lunch, it was time for the children to have fun. The children were divided into groups during the parlour games such as “Run like a Penguin”, “Sweet ‘n’ Straw”, “Face the Cookie”, “Musical Chair”, “Statue Dance”, “Ball Toss” “Egg relay”, etc. it was choatic, noisy but fun and the children thoroughly had a great time!  Prizes were given to the winning individuals and teams.  The parents were not outdone either as they also joined the games and it was great seeing them having fun too, especially during the “Newspaper Dance” and “Face the Gingerbread man”.

The program ended at 1.30 pm.



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