The London Filipino Centre CIC is a social enterprise company dedicated to the promotion of the Filipino language, culture, dance, fitness, events and travel.

The idea to establish a Filipino Language school was conceived more than three years ago based on the assumption that in order to understand a culture, one must first understand that culture’s language.” (Allan Isaac)
In 2012 a survey was conducted to determine if there was a need for families to support the scheme. The outcome was an overwhelming endorsement to establish the language school.  But when the crunch time came only two families attended the initial meeting and are willing to support the plan. Undeterred by the disappointing low turnout, the flame continue to burn for years and more determined than ever to shoulder on until in 2014 a decision was made to take a different course and set up temporarily the Kensal Fitness and Dance Club; after several months this metamorphosed into the precursor entity the Filipino Language, Arts & Events Centre with the hope that it will eventually become a reality that will pave the way to setting up the Saturday Language School.
After drumming up interest from parents and through different organisations in London, it was time to resurrect the idea after a group of likeminded people agreed to support the scheme.  Official meeting was arranged in August 2015 to start the process of registering the school as a social enterprise company with the ultimate goal of setting it up as a charity company when Charity Commission’s requirements are met. 
Whilewaiting for the registration’s approval a Filipino Language tasters’ class was arranged with the prospective students to show parents what they could expect their children to learn.  A separate meeting with the parents was held on the same day with the School Principal Mr Araial Ilustre explaining the scheme to them.  The taster’s class was so successful that it generated more interest than we could ever imagined happening not only in Kingston but also in Central London.  With the overwhelming support from parents and community leaders the board decided to open a Sunday Language School in Central London from September 2016. We started frantically looking for teaching staff and fortunately it did not take us long when three people came forward who were willing to be part of the scheme.
The group came up with the name London Filipino Centre and application for registration as a Community Interest Company was submitted to Companies House in June and after several weeks the Certificate of Incorporation was granted on 8th July 2016 and the LONDON FILIPINO CENTRE CIC was born!