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Now that what I’ve hankered for 
is finally gone,

I can say that I’m blessed
 for not ending up with you.

I looked for love

in all the wrong places

and that is what I see on hindsight.

You didn’t treat me well.

Your cold shoulders froze my heart.

You’re not exactly bad

but you’re not nice either.

I am glad it’s over

and now I can heave a sigh of relief.

All’s well that ends well.

Now that I’m finally over you,

I realize it was my desire for affection

that made me overlook the way

you treated me.

I deserve more.

I am a princess after all.

I am out of the woods.

I am in the clear.

By Ms. Imelda Caravaca Ferrer

April 25, 2015

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