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We used to be two peas in a pod.

We laughed at the same things.

We loved the same stuff.

We used to walk the same path though we listened to different songs.

But I tried to turn a blind eye

and kept my emotions at bay.

I have these feelings deep down inside.

I am consumed by jealousy and hurt.

I tried hard to suppress it.

Here is the deepest secret I didn’t know until now:

I lost you to circumstance,

to people you now so admire.

Where did all these leave me?

Of those that I used to hold dear, which are you?

You are just a passing shadow now,

a mere memory in my life.

Of those that you used to love, which one was me?

I used to be a beloved book now left forgotten,

unread on the shelf.

By Imelda Caravaca Ferrer

30 April 2016 · 

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