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By Imelda C. Ferrer

I’m living
with your ghost.

I remember how you laughed
when I told you how beautiful I looked in the mirror
after spending a day with you.

I told you not to look back
the night we parted
but after I’ve taken a few steps,
I looked back and saw you walking away
without a backward glance at me.
(I want to be the one
looking back.)

I can go on and on.

I was drowning in my love for you,
Inside I was breaking apart,
thinking how this love would end.

Each time you didn’t make your presence felt,
I’d die of unquenchable thirst.
What was it about you
that did not make me feel safe in your love?

You had this bad boy streak
written all over you
but I was too blinded to notice.

Now the past is reaching for me
at times.
I’m living with your ghost.

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