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By : Imelda C Ferrer

man-1245993_1280When my uncle broached the idea of putting up a language center, on hindsight I realized it all comes from the heart of a teacher. You see, before he was an HR person, he was and is a teacher. So it is true, once a teacher, always and a teacher.

We were talking about it a year ago and now the dream is a reality. It drives HOME the point to me that what you conceive can BE ACHIEVED and is possible.

Each journey begins with a single step and I am happy that you have been part of a historic endeavor. It is heartening to see that Filipinos from a thousand miles away are trying to know their WHERE THEY HAVE COME FROM. I like to think that unless you find your roots, you will BE a little lost and adrift because you do not know where your roots lie.

You may ask yourself “Who am I?” You are your roots—your past, present and future. You did not just exist without having roots. You have come from a long line of ancestors – a proud, talented race. Filipinos, imperfect as we are, have a gift to offer the world. We have a heart that transcends barriers and distance. Where there is a Filipino in any part of the world, that place is made a little better. We are loving, family-oriented and spiritually-inclined. All of us, I presume, have heard stories how Filipinos have added warm bodies to churches that USED TO have very few churchgoers. We have been witness to the close-knit ties of Filipinos. We see with our eyes the kind of service that Filipinos render may they be a nanny, a nurse, a caregiver, an office worker, a teacher or anybody they aspired to be in foreign countries. All because in each Filipino lies a heart that is warm, loving and life-affirming.

With this momentous occasion of officially opening the centre, I offer you congratulations and the wish that you will support each other in the days to come. My heart beams with pride that with the spark inside my uncle’s heart to make all this happen plus your presence and unfailing support (You know who you are) have made all this possible.

Salamat at mabuhay kayong lahat!

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