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Jun Abines

I am slowly getting back happiness in my life. I have learned to restore the curiosity I once had as a child. I now noticed and see things as they are and see them as I want them to be. I feel I am getting a grip of the artist in me, a rare kind that I almost lost. As what the Jedis motto said: “Feel the force”. When I am alone, I refused to think. I just let things happen and an idea just reveals and pop up on their own.

Education has done so much damage to the artist inside me. Too many rules. Too many standards. Too many useless things to memorize that destroys one’s creativity. An artist to be effective must be free from any rules, standards and things to remember. A master piece has no boundary. The artist must be totally free.

I was on the beach the other day. It wasn’t a striking place for ordinary eyes that favours white sugary beach that travel ads normally flaunts. But for me, it was something special. The calmness, the sea breeze and small waves that constantly caress the sand tell me a story. There were harmony and oneness between the wind, waves and the sand. They play an individual part that makes nature beautiful. The absence of one makes the whole beach story empty.

Then I noticed something odd. I realized I do not belong to this beach. I was only there to take a selfie instead of playing with the sand, swimming with waves and enjoying the sea breeze. I was the alien that ruins the whole scenery. An alien too pre-occupied with things that are not really all too important in life. Too many generations have come and gone on this beach and lived happily by living what nature has to offer. The planted rice and did fishing and enjoyed life long before I was born. And here I am feeling too important to ruin the harmony around it with my all important selfie.

Next time, I will get ready with my swimming trunks and be part of nature. Or maybe I don’t need swimming trunks at all. I will just swim naked alone. Just kidding!


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