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Just like that


I saw you once 
and like a magnet,
you drew me close to you.

Without any effort on your part,

I found myself falling for you.

Just like that,

between two heartbeats
and my dancing emotions,

I found myself loving you.

I drew Charlie Brown cartoons for you.

I mentioned all the lyrics of the songs

I wanted to sing to you.

I wrote you letters,

a story,


and then this poem

for I’ve seen you

once again.

How can someone

be so real,

yet be so unreachable?

Yet it is the case.

I cannot reach out to touch your hands,

nor hold you in my arms.

I do not scream and shout.

I do not break down and fall apart.

I just wipe a tear away,

my grief unknown to you.

Just like that,

I must end this torment

and keep on walking away.

There’s no us.

Just me.

Just me.

Just me.

Just like that.

By Imelda Caravaca Ferrer

11:00 p.m.  May 1, 2014

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