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Lord, patch me up inside

By Imelda C. Ferrer

Why did I love
only to lose?
When I fell
I jumped to the stars
only to lose altitude,
my back pressed to the ground.
Even the best
fall down at times.

This woman
would never
be the same again.
Nothing’s quite
the same now,
spending the night,

Hello, my love.
I’m here again.
I said goodbye
But I keep on
coming back
to this heartache.

God, please cover me
with your wings.
I don’t know
what’s left to say.
I’ve said it all:
My regard for you,
My feelings-
how they skirt
around the truth
that it’s no use
but I still cling
to your hand,
not yet tired
of crumbs
you throw my way.

Let me get back
to the start
when I was broken
but never this alone.
You are still here
but I know it’s over.

I have to get used
to being alone again,
on my own,
alone to recover
and pick up
the pieces of my soul.

My love,please go away.
I’m holding on to reasons
that I should set aside.

Heal me, Lord.
Patch me up inside.
I want to run
and hide away.
Give me the strength
to let go.
For good.

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